Sunday, November 13, 2016

Engine DISassembly (Part 2)

Not much progress today, but I got a little further. I keep running into bolts that I don't have wrenches for, although hopefully that will stop soon. The main thing I accomplished today was setting up a table to work on, covered in plastic, and transferring the engine block from the stand to my new "workbench."

I got the pistons out, which ended up being easy enough... the Teflon buttons really were just floating in there, but I needed something sharp to stab the sides of the buttons to get enough grip to remove them. I forgot to take pictures of them tonight, but when I get into working on the cylinders I'll be spending about a paragraph on how crummy those buttons are.

Removed cylinders yesterday, but they're all laid out in order here. You can see the lower right cylinder has a lot of corrosion on the outside of it - the other three cylinders aren't corroded much at all. I think the corroded cylinder was a quick replacement to avoid a more serious rebuild earlier in this engine's life.

Another disappointing discovery when I removed the accessory case that covers the flywheel - the teeth are chipped pretty bad on about a quarter of the flywheel. Not messing around with that - I'll have to replace it.... unless they sell just the ring gear for it. I'll look into that...

I also removed the valve springs, and while those all seem to be in good shape, I did notice that the same cylinder with lots of corrosion also has mismatching valves.... the valve on the far left below has almost no carbon deposited, not to mention is shaped different. I'll have to make a decision on whether or not that is an issue/will bother me enough to get new valves.

And here's the part where I don't have a big enough wrench - or rather, big enough socket. Not sure a wrench would be really effective, since this is recessed inside the flywheel.

Tomorrow I'll pick up some more specialty sockets, and hopefully make some more progress on tearing this thing apart. My goal is to have a semi-final list of parts to order by the end of the coming weekend, as I suspect some of the parts will take some time to acquire... especially if I wait until the holiday season.

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