Airfoil - The shape of a wing's cross-section.
AN fittings - Aircraft grade aluminum fittings, flared at 45 degrees as opposed to standard automotive fittings, which are flared at 37 degrees.
Chord - The imaginary straight line between the leading and trailing edges of an airfoil.
COG - Center of Gravity. Arguably the most critical aspect of an airplane's design and construction.
Dihedral - The angle of a wing relative to level when viewed from the front or rear of the airplane.
Flock/Flox - Finely milled cotton, used to thicken a resin for filling large gaps or adding structural strength. Flock is the cotton, flox is the final product of resin+hardener+flock.
Inboard - Closer in to the center of the structure.
Leading Edge - The front of an airfoil.
Micro - Microspheres, *tiny* glass balls used to thicken a resin for smooth or thick application. Also refers to the final product of resin+hardener+microspheres.
Outboard - Farther away from the center of the structure.
Root - The inboard end of a wing or airfoil based structure.
Sump - The lowest area of a tank, used to trap contaminants and water.
Trailing Edge - The rear of an airfoil.
Tip - The outboard end of a wing or airfoil based structure.
Vinylester - A 2-part resin and hardener system for fiberglassing that is *sometimes* fuel safe.
WAF - Wing Attach Fittings.
Washout - The amount of twist in a wing, from root to tip.

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