Quick Project Links

Wing Spars - setting the dihedral and washout of the wings

Rudder Pedals - cutting out the rudder pedals

Fuel Tanks - a series of posts about the design, shaping, building, and sealing of the fuel tanks

Control Sticks - a series of posts about metal fab in a woodshop

Instrument Panel - the first conceptualization of my instrument panel

Frustration - contains a spreadsheet for determining what length drilled shank bolts to buy

Rudder Pedals and Elevator Brackets - offset pedal swingarms and aluminum fab

Seats - how a little bit of cloth makes foam super strong

Wing Walks!? - after-the-fact structural reinforcement

Landing Gear - retaining the wing shape *and* rolling the fuselage around

Outer Wings - adding foam, taking foam away, adding fiberglass, taking space away

Pitot (Prandtl) Tube - turning aluminum on a wood lathe

Wing Tips - hot wire + styrofoam = surfboard airplane

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