Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Control Sticks (Part 2)

Continued from Control Sticks (Part 1)
I've decided to go ahead and post something just about every time I make progress, rather than waiting for an area to be entirely finished, and then consolidate once something is completed. I think that'll help me remember more of each step, so I'm not trying to remember what I did a month ago.

I drilled, cut, and placed my rectangular tubing today. First I marked the hole location on both sides of the tubing, then drilled pilot holes individually for each side.  (My drill press vise doesn't seem to hold material very square.) These only need to be 3/16" holes, so I jumped up to 11/64 and again drilled each side separately. Finally, I chucked up a reamer that's .0015" smaller than I need, and reamed through the entire tube. This made the holes in each wall line up very well.

After my holes were drilled, I cut the tubing to length on the RAS. I spent another hour or so making sure the blade was square and straight, and it still wasn't perfect, so I cut the pieces a hair too long and used my bench grinder to get them perfect.

I then used the drilled tubing as a guide to drill two straight holes through my jig board, and used two bolts to hold the tubing in place. This works better than building a clamp like I am for the round tubing, since the hole placement is what's really important.

Next I'll be cutting the diagonal tubing, which needs to be really perfect. I have enough material for at least one mess-up, though, so maybe I'll be able to finish this without ordering more.
Continued in Control Sticks (Part 3)

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