Monday, April 10, 2017

Starting to prep for assembly.... sort of.

With my crankshaft back and polished, I was able to begin reassembling the gears onto the nose.  First the key:

Heat up the cam drive gear, and slip it on:

Next the spacer and the new brass distributor gear.

I'm working out the best way to attach the prop hub - I know what orientation, but if I want it repeatable to exactly the same spot, I'll need to build some kind of jig that locates off of the cam drive gear. I'm not sure how much that will matter at this point.

In the meantime, I finished walnut blasting the case, and decided to try it on the heads as well. They were somewhat improved, but I'll still try soaking them in carb cleaner to try and get rid of more of the carbon that's built up. Ignore the ape blocking part of the picture...

And below, a chamber in progress to show my future self that it was, in fact, having an effect:

Once everything was sufficiently blasted, I used Simple Green to clean the case as best I could. I'll admit, I focused a little more on the outside than the inside, but I think it's pretty clean all the way through.

Once clean and dry, I cleaned the outside with solvent and got ready to paint. Bob Hoover says three things about painting the case: Do it, do it black, and do it thin. When I got the case, it was painted a dark gray... over top of a dark blue. Two layers of paint, the outer one fairly thick, were definitely not going to help much with thermal transfer, and yet it still flew that way. In light of that fact, I took Bob Hoover's advice on two of the points: I painted it, and I painted it thin.... and I painted it red.

I figure the color is less important than the paint thickness, so I cut the paint with Naptha and brushed it on, making sure to run the brush over any areas that looked like they had extra paint. The end result is definitely brush-textured, and not exactly what I had envisioned, but it looks pretty nifty all the same... and more importantly, it's protected from corrosion and it's not likely to overheat from the paint. I'll put this in the oven like I did the cylinders to get the paint nice and hard... it makes a big difference!

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