Friday, August 19, 2016

Outer Wings (Part 6)

Continued from Outer Wings (Part 5)
Today I finished sanding the wing to shape. My micro trailing edge is nice and solid, and I sanded the overlapping fiberglass on the leading edge down nice and smooth for the next couple of layers. I hand planed the spars down to slightly below the airfoil contour, which was much easier after I took five minutes and sharpened the blade. I didn't take many pictures, but I did document how I'm prepping the sump drain as well as the WAF cut-outs in the foam. The cut-outs each get some one-on-one time with a Dremel, so that the foam is slightly recessed. Next I take a piece of pre-layed-up fiberglass and cut it to fit the cut-out.

Once I've got all four cut to fit, I mix up some micro and apply it to the foam, then set the fiberglass in the cut-outs. I'm not too picky about how it lays, but generally I try to make it as close to the airfoil contour as possible, erring below rather than above.

For the sump drain, I start by attaching a circular piece of duct tape over the hole. Then I use a really thick micro to build up from the aluminum block to the airfoil contour. While the micro is in the "green" stage, I use a Forstner bit to generate a nice circular hole down to the aluminum block where the duct tape is, which gets removed (because it's now all gummy and may not keep the resin out during the big layup.)

I'll replace the duct tape before I do my layup. I'm prepping for that by cutting templates out of plastic 2 mil drop cloth, then cutting the fiberglass from that. If everything goes well, by this time tomorrow the wing will be finished and off the plane.

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